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Donno if you saw this post Karan, we have launched Pi bridge with 7 way communication. You can also connect any program that you want using socket programming.

Pi Bridge for Amibroker « Z-Connect by Zerodha

It will be overloading my server. So currently not including it. Other wise in need to rent another server which is again costlier.

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Thanks Ramesh. I didn 8767 t get what exactly you mean by locking, is it something I need to do at the PI end or in AFL code.

Purebeam software

How can I find sharp growth of stocks for a month?
I work with daily data. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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Professional Trade Assistant Tool for MetaTrader 9

IceFX 8767 s TraderAgent is the ultimate forex Trader 8767 s assistant. This is not an automatic trading robot (EA) and it doesn 8767 t take decisions or opens position, but it helps your professional work when you trading manual. All important information is displayed on the chart, so you only need to open the position, with just one click. Managing the opened position is just as easy as it could be: with your mouse or pointing device, you can easily adjust the stoploss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) levels with drag-and-drop method. After that TraderAgent will work for you as a position management solution.

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Use trend lines instead of pending order

How to work pending lines

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5 types trailing stop

AntiSpike mode

The program will immediately lock all position(s) on the account if a pre-specified (as a percentage and/or currency) profit and/or loss is reached.

*Even if you don 8767 t see a green light, we have added a small check in the AFL  if(!()) ()    to reconnect the bridge before the order is fired.

As long as the chart trader on NT lets u write a code that can fire signals, it will not be possible. Yes we will add more options on Trade from chart.

Hi Raj,
In the newer version, your magnified market price is behind the background. Is it because of the layer? How can i bring it to front? Also, your message box is invisible. Do the code need to be update incorporating the zorder? How can this be displayed? Pls suggest.

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