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All risks that may arise as the result of the negligence and/or abuse and/or disruption with respect to transaction shall be the sole responsibility of Client User. Client User hereby indemnifies Bank from any claim that may arise from other party or Client User as the result of negligence and/or abuse and/or disruption with respect to transaction, such as but not limited to abuse and/or disruption as the result of:

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In the event of question and/or complaint/grievance related to the transaction made, Client User may file complaint either in writing to the branches of Bank and/or verbally through Phone Banking 69596 by fulfilling the requirements and procedures of complaint set forth by Bank.

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If credit card of Client User expires and extended using different Credit Card Number from the previous one, the Client User concerned cannot carry out Financial Transaction through CIMB CLICKS FOR CREDIT CARD. If Client User wants to stay using CIMB CLICKS FOR CREDIT CARD service for the extended credit card, Client User should carry out re-registration for the extended credit card.

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Passcode is secret code to send by Bank through Short Messaging Services (SMS) to the Registered Telephone Number. The Passcode is needed by Client User to carry out registration and/or reactivate the Password of CIMB CLICKS FOR CREDIT CARD.

In order to access CIMB CLICKS FOR CREDIT CARD service, Client User must input the Credit Card Number and Password that serve as the identity of Client User.

Regarding the termination of the service, Client User agrees to indemnify Bank from any claim or loss that may arise from such termination and/or suspension of all or parts of the menu in CIMB CLICKS FOR CREDIT CARD.

Your feedback and concerns are very important for us to better improve our services. Learn more on how you can submit your feedback and complaint (PDF 676kB) to us.

By carrying out conversion of transaction into installment, Client User agrees with the interest rate, cost (if any) and the period chosen by Client User.

The procedures for changing the Registered Telephone number may only be carried out by Client User who meets the verification requirements set forth by the Bank.

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