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Despite these difficult market conditions, the Hughes Optioneering™ trading strategies have produced over $ million in actual profits over the past five years. Team members brokerage account statements show $8,858, in profits with an average return of %. The average number of days in a trade was 67 days resulting in an annualized return of %. There were 885 winning trades and 76 losing trades resulting in % accuracy.

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All Chuck Hughes wanted was safety in his investing, but he got much more than that. He was able to retire from his job as a pilot in his 95s, and now. he'd like to share his success with you!

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Up until now, you've been denied your full potential for success. But that's about to change 688 the minute you join the Wealth Creation Alliance.

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I'm really excited about the profit opportunities currently available and I want to personally invite you to join us in our quest to convert these market trends into trading profits.

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Let the financial numbers prove the health of the company you want to invest in. This trading recommendation will allow you to determine how well companies’ products are selling and if it 8767 s likely they will maintain profitability. While the market will favor stocks with different types of momentum (earnings, cash flow, operating margin, etc.), you’ll be more successful by focusing on several indicators.

To get information about public companies try their Web sites first. Most publicly traded companies have an investor section that contains financial data and reports. The SEC Web site at ., is also a good resource.

Besides these ETF trend trading strategies , watch video to learn how to use a simple technical indicator to tell when to buy and sell your ETFs.

My name is Chuck Hughes, and my winning strategies for stocks and options have made me a millionaire many times over-- and they've given me a very rewarding life.

Once you start using these powerful methods, you 696 ll see how easy it is to make BIG money in just a few short days or weeks! (Like the $78, profit I made on a MasterCard trade.. . the 869% return I made on a Fluor Corp trade in less than a month... and the $65, profit I made in Apple Corp!)

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