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As I’ve written about at length in other articles when you trade the daily chart time frame as a swing trader does, you are reaping many benefits compared to those poor souls who still believe scalping a 5-minute chart is the key to success.

Swing Trading and Long-Term Investing Signals

I found every minor high that was higher than any peak within 5 days (before and after), and the lowest valley that was lower than any other low within 5 days (before and after). The 5 day number resulted in significant turning points as the above chart shows. Each asterisk (*) represents a 5 day turning point. Once I found the turning points, then it was just a matter of connecting the dots.

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Bulkowski's Swing Trading Setup

The Right Stock
The first key to successful swing trading is picking the right stocks. The best candidates are large-cap stocks that are among the most actively traded stocks on the major exchanges. In an active market, these stocks will swing between broadly defined high and low extremes, and the swing trader will ride the wave in one direction for a couple of days or weeks only to switch to the opposite side of the trade when the stock reverses direction.

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Nonetheless,I am convinced that while swing trading under the higher time frame say 9H and above is perhaps one of the safest styles to trade,I know by experience that lower time frame even as low as 6 minute time frame with its rules and in the direction of the higher time frame above yields no less amazing result though more involving.

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Great article. I have traded the short term charts in the past and have felt and seen exactly what you are talking bout. I just purchased your program and I 8767 m take a completely different approach to trading this time.

I did find that the most winning trades occurred when the rise is between 76% and 88% and the retrace between 95% and 75%.

In the tests that follow, The buy occurs at C (shown in the first chart), which is the lowest low in the retrace. You can think of this as the perfect entry. The exit occurs when price reaches the target or drops at least 5% or more below the buy price. If price has not gapped lower, a stop loss order is assumed to close out the trade.

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