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“Tell me baby” she drew out the word with soft contemptuous emphasis, “what is it like to be here in this salon with all these pretty girls and every single one of them knows what a sissy baby you are?”

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I think you will agree that a simple letter of apology is not nearly adequate expression of my remorse. Please be so kind to give me a really hard bare bottom spanking across your knee on Wednesday evening in front of Jane and my Nanny Emma. The thought of your strong masculine hands slapping my lily white baby flesh makes me cringe with shame and humiliation but I know I richly deserve it. Please make it really hurt, ignore my cries just think to yourself as I shout and holler how much I deserve to be soundly spanked.

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David was in a welter of hurt and shame but suddenly and without any warning, perhaps because Jane moved her thighs, he realised he was going to spurt. The soft slinky material of her trouser pants, unnoticed until a second ago seemed sensual. Panic at what was inevitable engulfed him.

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It had been a perfect day. His Mummy doted on him, baked him his favourite rock cakes and even sat him down and fed him at lunch time. He just let it happen: to be fed was a sign that Mummy would do anything for him. His nappy was changed when he was wet. He just loved that day, it was calm serene and magical.

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“ Mummy I want to be your Lickle sisthy baby” This was loud enough! Simon anyway could hear it all and was starting to worry that an assault was taking place.

His bottom twitched as Jane took aim for number six, she wanted it to be hard and right across the last line she measured her aim raised her hand Crack!!

Soon she was finished and the process of clearing away started, getting ready for desert. Simon went round with the wine again, leaning closely over Sheila who ran her arm up between his legs. The children, not allowed to get down, fidgeted excitedly as they knew that Grandma normally did a chocolate sponge pudding for them as a special treat. The grown ups normally had something more exotic (and less fattening) like a rich fruit salad.

His arms and legs were hairless, now devoid of muscle even slightly podgy accentuating his soft almost babyish skin brought to a gentle sheen by expensive creams. He was a total contrast to the elegant Jake, standing beside him, a good three inches taller in smart slacks and a neat well tailored Aquascutum jacket every inch the robust male. It was Jake’s look of sheer superiority that distressed David so much as he stood there, helplessly vulnerable, beside his wife’s lover. He was condemned to continue to act the baby, no let up, nor any remission allowed. He still needed a nappy change so badly.

“Come on sweetie cheer up you have such a cute chastity on, you know you just wanted it all the while. Just what is Jake going to sayÖÖ.when you give him the key?

She came round the side of the cot into the light where he could see what she was holding. It was a sweet sweet little baby dress he recognised it as one of Unikarens designs. It was pink and baby blue with lovely bear and maypole motifs obviously short, very high wasted it flowed thickly out from chest level, soft petticoats splayed out just visible underneath. He knew it would have cost a lot of money. It was just so gorgeous. It was for him. He would look so small and babyish in it. He writhed in the cot with excitement, his little pee pee stood smartly to attention in his nappy.

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