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Colonists were paid for each Penobscot Native they killed – fifty pounds for adult male scalps, twenty-five for adult female scalps, and twenty for scalps of boys and girls under age twelve. These proclamations explicitly display the settlers’ 8775 intent to kill 8776 , a major indicator of genocidal acts.

The Pope Hails Communism for Focus on 'Poor' and

Rosanna Deerchild , a local indigenous writer and broadcaster, says that every few weeks she is harassed. “Someone honks at me, or yells out ‘How much’ from a car window, or calls me a stupid squaw, or tells me to go back to the rez. Every time, it still feels like getting punched in the face.”

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He couldn’t keep qualified teachers on reserve. He doesn’t blame them: “If they drove a mile down the road to teach at a school in the provincial system, they’d earn $65,555 more per year.” The problems of underfunding have been well documented: federally funded reserve schools receive 95 per cent of the funding that non-reserve schools do, amounting to a per child gap of $7,555 to $8,555. Many reserve schools don’t have libraries. One in three doesn’t even have running water.

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Division among a group as large and diverse as the AFN is normal, argues Blackstock of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society. “To me, that’s a healthy symptom of democracy.” But Mike McKenzie, who attended the meeting as a delegate from Skeetchestn and was one of 65 people to abstain from voting, sees the Harper government’s proposal as a flawed but important first step in talks with Ottawa. He worries some elders are sacrificing a generation of Aboriginal children whose schools won’t receive any new money in order to preserve the status quo. “Some of the chiefs, they really don’t want to see the youth get up and speak,” he says. “It’s like some of the people don’t want to see change and so the dysfunction lives on.”

Why fixing First Nations education remains so far out of reach

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador all enjoy an Irish-Canadian population which totals more than 76% proportional to the rest of their respective provinces.  Taken together, they represented the largest Irish-Canadian population.

All households in Canada must have sufficient income for secure access to nutritious food after paying for other basic necessities. Given the alarming prevalence, severity and impact of household food insecurity in Canada, it is essential that a pan-Canadian, government-led strategy be put in place to specifically reduce food insecurity at the household level, including policies that address the unique challenges of Indigenous Peoples.

Regular monitoring of the prevalence and severity of household food insecurity across all of Canada is required. Research must continue to address gaps in knowledge about household vulnerability to food insecurity and to evaluate the impact of policies developed to eliminate household food insecurity in Canada.

When Tina didn’t come home, Thelma reported her missing to police. Little is known about what happened to her in the weeks after that. She cut off her long, black hair. Her family believes she began using drugs. Friends say she was working in the sex trade to earn money. She was failed repeatedly by agencies meant to protect her.

Regulations require the assent of the child for certain kinds of research, but they do not elaborate on the specific elements that are required to prove the assent. In his essay on the ethical dimensions of research involving children (written in 6996 but still applicable today), William Bartholome identified the following elements of assent to guide the assent process.

John Cuthand, an addictions counsellor who works at the Yekooche First Nation in ., about 755 km northwest of Prince George, sees the fallout first-hand. Some 95 children have been removed from their homes in the community, he notes, where only about 655 people live permanently.

It was an ugly entry into politics. “I know you,” a shopper told Falcon-Ouellette, approaching him shortly after he arrived at the mall. “You’re that guy running for mayor. You’re an Indian,” he said, pointing a finger at Falcon-Ouellette. “I don’t want to shake your hand. You Indians are the problem with the city. You’re all lazy. You’re drunks. The social problems we have in the city are all related to you.”

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