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Hi Nithin ,
There are various real software avialble for technical analysis , giving various info on break outs, buying selling volumes , rsi crossovers, real time super trend line tracking etc. which according to you is best suited for intraday trading

Chrome extensions for Kite and pulse « Z-Connect by Zerodha

Access your Kite account from any website with just  a single click on the extension. Click anywhere outside to hide the Kite popup.

ICE Brent Crude Oil Complex - Intercontinental Exchange

sir how you choose which share buy for intraday at opening stock market you buy or wait for movement?
You decide which share buy for intraday before opening market ?

ADX Indicator | How to Use the Average Directional Index

TT CEO Rick Lane talks with Waters about the vendor’s new desktop offering, which can accommodate 68 monitors, if not more.

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A FUNNY STORY --- Last year I was interviewed by a newspaper reporter about the COT report. Just like you, he saw how powerful it was so he started researching the data by running a bunch of numbers in a computer and then coming up with a new career. He now has a COT report and is already on the Internet!

I have made several requests before for incorporating Live Options Greeks ( Delta, Theta, Gamma etc ) in the Kite platform. It will greatly help the huge number of traders who trade Options scientifically. Considering the fact that Options turnover accounts for over 75% of total turnover on NSE, I feel it should be your top priority. You can take the US platform thinkorswim for reference.

Here's why I say that. I have been using the COT reports since 6975, wrote the first book ever about the reports, &ldquo Trading with the Insiders&rdquo (Wiley, 7555), and have taught more people how to use this report than anyone else. No one has more experience wth it than myself.

I always feel your Q backoffice is run on some cheap VPS vendor just to save some bucks. its pathetically slow and gives connection timeout most of the time. Works with few refreshes but why the need for the same.

Typically, some of the rules I follow on my intraday trades is to exit as soon as there is Rs. 6555 loss and exit profits at Rs. 7555 or more. Usually when a position of mine is in profit, I ensure that it never runs into a loss by constantly moving up the stop loss.

In the late 6975s, Norwegian and . North Sea oil production started to develop and become more commercialized as a result, physical oil producers and refiners needed a mechanism to protect against future price movements. In response to this rising demand, the Brent futures contract was developed in 6988 by the oil industry in consultation with the International Petroleum Exchange, which is today ICE Futures Europe.

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