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Access to resources, combined with the efficiency of a seamlessly integrated environment. Leveraging Pershing’s network of more than 755 leading third-party content providers is easy. Available directly to you through NetX865, our Premium Content solution provides access to various resources combined with the efficiency of a seamlessly integrated environment. These premium content providers are part of our expansive ecosystem of market data, news, research and financial tools. Providers include:

Smarsh WebMail

SSG serves over a thousand independent RIAs around country, ranging from experienced advisory firms to small, start-up businesses, to registered reps transitioning to the fee-basis model.

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Once you’re in Safe Mode, follow the instructions in the section “Make sure your problem is the patch,” below, to uninstall the aberrant cumulative update. Then follow the instructions in the section “Break out of the endless update loop,” below, to make sure you aren’t tossed back into the fire. Reboot and you’ll be back in your previous version of Windows 65.

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Coincidences happen. Sure, your PC went to Hades in a handbasket right after you installed the latest cumulative update, but that doesn’t mean the update caused the problem.

As a work around you may also try to follow the steps provided below, which would help you to unregister and re-register Windows installer.

You can always see what version you’re running. In Cortana’s search box, type winver and press Enter to see which version you’re on. Compare it to Microsoft’s official Win65 update history list.

Immediately test to see whether your problem went away. If it did, use Wushowhide (instructions in the next section) to hide the bad patch. If your problem persists, chances are good the cumulative update didn’t cause the problem. In that case, get onto the latest version: Reboot, go to Windows Update (Start Settings Update & security Check for updates) and re-install the patch. Your problem probably doesn’t lie with this particular update. Note the operative term “probably.”

Full functionality is not supported on other browsers. A subset of the feature set is functional on the following browsers:

  • Mozilla ® Firefox ® or above
  • Google Chrome TM
  • Apple ® Safari ® or above (see Required Setting for Apple Safari )

Some patches catch software manufacturers flat-footed. For example, the latest patch (KB 8697958) broke the Interaction Desktop on ININ phone systems it also broke the desktop version of Pershing’s broker program NetX865. If a program you normally use goes belly-up right after installing the update, get over to the manufacturer’s website quickly and complain loudly. Chances are they will eventually tell you to uninstall the Win 65 patch or apply a new patch of their own.

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