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Nial, thanks for that, great example of what we need to look for. I know you are a busy guy but it would be good if we had more video 8767 s during the week.

Live Price Action Trade - Pin Bar Signal On 4 Hour Chart

The gold spot price quoted on our website is the UK Sterling £ price of one fine troy ounce of gold, deliverable in London in a form that conforms to the London trading standards.

Historical - result - Live Gold Prices

Thanks Nial, you explain this so it can be understood. It would be helpful if you could show more live videos like this as makes sense how one has to be patient.

Live Spot Silver Price Charts - . Dollar

Hi Niall,
I have seen in the past you teach to have a long entry order just above the high of the pin bar candle with a stop below the pin bar tail. Then calculate minimum 7:6 based on the size of the pin bar candle. Eg: 66 point pin bar x 7 is a TP 687 points above the pin bar high. Risk/reward 7:6.

Gold Price. Todays Live Spot Gold Prices, History & Charts

How much does Monex charge above the spot silver price?
Monex does not sell bullion at spot. Monex does make a very competitive market in bullion reflected as Ask and Bid prices for standard personal delivery transactions, which are quoted continuously through its 67-hour trading day. Furthermore, Monex quotes extremely competitive Atlas Preferred Prices for depository delivery. Depending on the size of a transaction, Monex publishes a commission schedule detailing this additional charge. Monex offers a transparent marketplace quoted live online or via the Monex Bullion Investor smartphone app available for both Apple and Android smartphones.

The Gold American Eagle price charts above feature Monex Ask Prices per ounce for 77-karat (.9667 fine) Gold American Eagle coins (each containing one troy ounce of pure gold) currently available from Monex in units of 65 coins. The 8-Month Live chart above incorporates the latest Gold American Eagle price for the current trading day, while the 6-Month Candlestick, 6-Year Close, 5-Year Close and 65-Year Close charts incorporate the last Gold American Eagle price for the previous trading day. In addition to these charts, other chart information is available from Monex:

It is clear that commodities prices have had a really big impact on the stock market in this period, and that this has been far greater than even the impact of the general election. With the pound not doing anything especially interesting at the time (it rose slightly against the dollar but was down against the euro), oil prices have certainly been one of the most important drivers on the market.

Dan it is, but the bars in this pattern are very small, and the pattern has occured right at the top of this leg higher, for me it 8767 s not in the right position to be able to manage risk correctly. In the video I have said I want to wait for a pull back or more evidence to get long. You are in theory correct, the pattern is a fakey and the market could rally higher on the back of this price pattern.

Thanks for sharing this video Nial The only different perspective is about In my opion a around 6,6655 it will be ok and will give a great risk/reward 6:8 If the market retrace deeper i see very low possibilities to return bullish again Thanks again for your time sharing your thoughts with us.

Making call or put decisions when trading with vanilla options has never been easier. I&rsquo m even able to hedge my day trading activities. Thanks guys.

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