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This time we are going to create a multi-currency Expert Advisor with a trading algorithm based on work with the pending orders Buy Stop and Sell Stop. This article considers the following matters:.

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Portfolio Modeller — portfolio developer and optimizer. It features several optimization model types with configurable parameters. Besides, you can add your own models and target functions. There are also basic tools for the technical analysis of portfolios, as well as various chart formatting options.

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When working with standard investment portfolios, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the current asset status to buy it during the price downward movement.

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Our team put all their talent, knowledge and energy into developing video tutorials that can serve their true purpose and provide users with exactly what they require: answers. We have gone the extra mile to create an outstanding result: the XM learning tool for traders.

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Do you want to know exactly how MetaTrader 9 can help you in setting up a brokerage company? Fill in the form below and our managers will contact you and provide the details.

We have not focused out attention on the volume management issue up until now, though this is a critical part of any trading system. Generally, we can describe the following approaches:

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The number of trading robots used on the currency markets has significantly increased recently. They employ various concepts and strategies, however, none of them has yet succeeded to create a win-win.

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