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Right from understanding the basic journal entry, final accounts, tax compliances, we will also help you to enhance your soft skills (business communication), understanding advanced Excel and technology used in industry, the most essential, SAP training.

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The duties of an office assistant vary widely from employer to employer, often based on any specializations that the assistant has, how much work experience they possess, or what industry they are working with.

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While writing your last paper of final exam, tons of thoughts are going through your mind, most of which include plans about sleeping the entire week or partying an entire week (depends on your preferences). But trust me, none of them are taking place. As soon as you finish your Exams you have your parents, relatives, neighbors and everyone on your Facebook friend list asking you about your future plans. And no, not your partying or sleeping plans but your career after plans. In today’s competitive world, if you are not satisfied with the career or course you pursued there are many short term – high value – low investment courses available in the market.

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Office assistants' job duties usually include tasks like typing, filing, taking inventory, keeping records and sorting checks. They may also prepare documents, process mail and answer telephones. They can seek employment in specialized fields that match their interests, such as education, finance, law, medicine, technology and government. Industry-specific training may be necessary for advancement or initial employment in a targeted field.

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After graduation you can do any small course in stock trading and get the knowledge. Finance, Mathematics and Economic subject will help you a lot as a Stock Broker.

Heena studyng 6st . The main impt imprtnt thing in commerce students in we hv 7 improve our communication skill persnlty develpment and soft skill we hv 7 concentrate on our body v r perfect in this 9 things then automatically job will come 7 search us we don 8767 t wants 7 go anywhere for searching the jobs
Honar hai toh khadar hai
Studying 6st

I had finished my degree in 6995 after that i have got 78 plus experience in accounting and store keeper pls tell me what type of course i need pls reply me

On a serious note, today, just completing your graduation is not counted as having a great career. You need great knowledge and a good degree to face the strong competition in life. But the most important question is which is the right course after for you? Since you have completed your graduation in Commerce, we are assuming that you are interested in the field of Accounting and therefore shall guide you to choose a career in the field of Accounting. There are many more career options present for you in the field of finance as well. Here is the list of finance course that you can pursue for a better career.

hi, i completed bcom in 7558 n now housewife too but wanted to wrk n earn provide good idea for good profession n earn high.

If you choose to take advantage of the opportunities in commerce available to you, here are some of the job profiles you can look at:

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