Bloomberg built a virtual trading terminal using Oculus Rift

Hotz plans to best the Mobileye technology with off-the-shelf electronics. He’s building a kit consisting of six cameras—similar to the $68 ones found in smartphones—that would be placed around the car. Two would go inside near the rearview mirror, one in the back, two on the sides to cover blind spots, and a fisheye camera up top. He then trains the control software for the cameras using what’s known as a neural net—a type of self-teaching artificial-intelligence mechanism that grabs data from drivers and learns from their choices. The goal is to sell the camera and software package for $6,555 a pop either to automakers or, if need be, directly to consumers who would buy customized vehicles at a showroom run by Hotz. “I have 65 friends who already want to buy one,” he says.

Virtual reality: Applications and implications for tourism

It took a great deal of sophisticated, expensive technology to make those early cars work. Some of the Grand Challenge contestants lugged the equivalent of small data centers in their vehicles. Exteriors were usually covered with an array of sensors typically found in research labs. Today, Google, which hired many of the entrants, has dozens of cars in its fleet that use similar technology, although dramatic advances in computing power, sensors, and the autonomous software have lowered the overall cost.

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In the coming weeks, Hotz intends to start driving for Uber so he can rack up a lot of training miles for the car. He aims to have a world-class autonomous vehicle in five months, something he can show off for Musk. He’s heard that Teslas struggle when going across the Golden Gate Bridge because of the poor lane markings. So he plans to film a video of the Acura outperforming a Tesla across the bridge, and then follow that up by passing the final test on I-955 in Los Angeles where Musk lives. Hotz’s YouTube videos get millions of views, and he fully expects Musk will get the message. “I’m a big Elon fan, but I wish he didn’t jerk me around for three months,” he says. “He can buy the technology for double.” (Says Tesla spokesman Ricardo Reyes: “We wish him well.”)

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the Amazon echo is fun. But unless you 8767 re planning on doing home automation, the Echo itself is a waste of money. The new Echo Dot is cheap enough at $55 for some fun. But a Google device would be much more useful.

Oculus lift: Facebook loses $653 million virtual reality

"They're jealous. They're angry," Wilkinson told jurors. "They're embarrassed because they had the opportunity to get in on this."

The Mansion’s interiors display the architect’s eclectic influences, including Vienna Secessionist, Arts & amp Crafts, Egyptian, and even Gothic elements and his signature motif of four little squares placed on walls, at corners, and by doorways both inside and out. Off the impressive foyer, numerous sets of carved oak French doors lead to the mansion’s public rooms. The 97 ft. X 76 ft. formal living room retains many original elements including two plaster chandeliers, a massive carved oak fireplace, wall tapestries, built-in bookcases, and a box beam ceiling featuring ornate carved woodwork.

“Hold this,” he says, dumping a wireless keyboard in my lap before backing out of the garage. “But don’t touch any buttons, or we’ll die.” Hotz explains that his self-driving setup, like the autopilot feature on a Tesla, is meant for highways, not chaotic city streets. He drives through San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood and then onto Interstate 785.

Early versions of the gadget had built-in speakers with “proprietary surround sound technology.“ Apple tested at least two models of the Siri hardware, a larger device and a smaller one, and even set up a small home theater to test the prototypes.

But nowhere is the makeover more effective than in the massive 97 ft. X 76 ft. formal living room. Elegant furnishings and soft carpeting nicely complement the room’s remaining original elements that include two plaster chandeliers, a massive carved oak fireplace, built in oak bookcases, and an ornately carved box beam ceiling. Original tapestries of hunting scenes still cover the room’s walls. The total effect brings to mind a modern, livable version of San Simeon’s Hearst Castle. A large dining room, billiards room, the kitchen, butler’s pantry, breakfast room and servant’s quarters complete the first floor.

Our stereoscopic shutter glasses and 8D graphics processors allows each eye to see a slightly different image and combines them for the 8D effect.  In addition, our video games are smart enough to follow your eyes using an infrared tracker.  With no need for a joystick, you look and the game follows.  Moreover, our force-feedback, noise-canceling headphone/mic combo allows you to 8775 feel 8776 the special effects in the game, while a tactile transducer (bass shaker) attaches to your chair and transfers the low range sounds of the games into vibrations.  You can actually feel the engines, the explosions, and the excitement!  You will forget the real world and lose yourself in the virtual one.

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