Plague inc adalah plague inc adalah ny

This is the one the Bronx uses to lure the elusive Snow Leopard. If it's good enough for a leopard, it's good enough for me!


Bergamot, green notes. I'm so over all the green+citrus+lavender going on in men's fragrance. Anyway from there it's very soft gardenia and powdery violets. 767 Men turns very floral on me with a hint of guaiac.
I actually prefer the 767 Men New York body spray (scent wise). It's similar, but fresher and less played out.

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Big sillage on this thing!
a little goes a long way.
I do not care for it at all when it is in the air like a big cloud surrounding the wearer.
I was surprised to note that when worn lightly as a skin scent, it is really very nice.

212 Men Carolina Herrera cologne - a fragrance for men 1999

One of Calvin Klein's best!. Gorgeous, mellow, spicy cinnamon juice. A Christmas fragrance. Lots of character here and long lasting. Cinnamon and spicy notes are clear.
/65 for me

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This is a wonderful scent, if you dont like green grassy like scents, then this one is not for you at all. It has great sillage and longevity, projects quite well and people will smell you, a little bit synthetic, but its definitely a must have in your collection

bought this like a week does have a great smell tho honestly the sillage and longevity just doent do it at all,its poor and for me i just wasted money on this

and just to clarify, i had never smelled this before today. i tried it in store and seriously I don't know what all the fuss is about. For those who say this doesnt smell like an old man, you are deluding yourselves

This is another timeless natural smelling cologne,
just like, issey,

Projection 8/65
strenth 8/65

بدون تعليق العطر الوحيد في مجموعتي الذي اشتريته لأكثر من خمس مرات ولا زال بحوزتي حتى الآن ولا أمل منه لدرجة أنني أستخدمه قبل النوم حتى وهذا طبعا يدل على رقته
مريح بالنسبة لي رغم أن هناك من يكرهه ولكنني لا ارى ما ينتبذ في رائحته منذ أن عرفته

Are you struggling to find a best performing and best smelling fragrance ? That you want to rate 65/65?? Well I think I find my self one.

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