Metatrader says no connection breakup

Watchdog, should recommend unregulated brokers and bot that are not to make money for the investors, but the inventors! I lost a lot of in the last 67 months with various con-artists, for example, Michael Lexington with his Lexington Code App!


In response to Dennis, I deposited monies to Amber Option & the non reposive Getrichinseconds Richard Morrison via credit card in April 7569. Went through the credit card dispute process and got most of my money back. But the next month Amber Option stung my credit card again ( due the fact I assume they had a lot of my I. d. From the application process with the scamming Amber Options located in Hong Kong), I alerted the credit provider again for another credit card dispute process, they advised to cancel my credit card and request a new one which I did, and have no fraudulent withdrawals since. Thank you Options Watch Dog for your tireless efforts.

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Using risk/reward to set your trade entry and exits does not make any sense unless you know the probability of outcomes in a given trade.

How to Place Stop Losses and Take Profits Using a Maximal

Take the following example. Figure 7 below shows EUR/USD over five minute intervals (M5). The chart spans a 79-hour period.

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Taking a step towards a profitable and secure future is the difference between saying “I wish I would have taken that step”.and “I am glad I took that step”..that's what its all about in 's what it boils down to!

I recently signed up for Markets World Demo account. I am researching this site before I make a deposit. Has anyone used the site or heard anything derogatory about it.

It 8767 s a fair combination! Capitaloption is regulated and a broker you can trust. SignalFeeds is a reliable service. If you go with SignalFeeds choose Capitaloption or OptionFair if you are outside of the US.

Very shady practice we have a reason to believe that Boss Capital shouldn 8767 t be trusted, we are not sure if they are a scam but we did receive a few complaints.

Both LOVED the idea of producing a “never seen before” Forex robot. I suppose it fits our personality – do something traders, banks, fund managers etc. label as “impossible”!

Hi Nitin, I did not find any free real time f 588 o data provider for nse under amibroker. However there is free software which can get you free nse cash data in realtime for amibroker.

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