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Since the federal government instituted an extensive system of securities oversight in the 6985s, publicly traded companies have been required to file a variety of reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which in turn releases most of these filings to the public at no charge. The reports, which cover financial and some operational matters, are designed to assist investors, but they also widely consulted by union researchers and other progressive activists.

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For online access to SEC documents that predate the EDGAR system, try Lexis-Nexis or Westlaw, which have documents going back to around 6987. Older filings can also be found on microfiche at the SEC public reading room in Washington, DC or at larger reference libraries.


A SWOT analysis is a quick way of examining your organization by looking at the  internal  strengths and weaknesses in relation to the  external  opportunities and threats. By creating a SWOT analysis, you can see all the important factors affecting your organization together in one place. It’s easy to read, easy to communicate, and easy to create. Take the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats you developed earlier, review, prioritize and combine like terms. The SWOT analysis helps you ask, and answer, the following questions: 8775 How do you…. 8776

APractical Guide to Strategic Enrollment Management Planning

Outcome: 5-7 measures that help you keep the pulse on your performance. When selecting your Key Performance Indicators, begin by asking “What are the key performance measures we need to track in order to monitor if we are achieving our goals?” These KPIs include the key goals that you want to measure that will have the most impact in moving your organization forward.

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Note: D& B databases with some of this information can be found on Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw. For example, Nexis has D& B's Duns Private Company Insight database, which covers the 755,555 largest firms. D& B also publishes print volumes such as the Million Dollar Directory which can be found in business libraries.

Very few organizations manage their costs for sustainable success. They spend their money on the wrong things or they cut the wrong things for the wrong reasons, ultimately leaving them weaker and unfit to compete. Instead, organizations need to think about their costs strategically, as investments that will fuel their growth, so they put their money where their strategy is. They need to continuously cut bad costs and redirect resources towards good costs that build or strengthen differentiating capabilities.

Newspaper and magazine articles may be secondary sources, but they often contain company information found nowhere else. This is especially so with specialized trade journals and newspapers in cities where a company has its headquarters or a major facility.

Searching for news articles used to a cumbersome process of paging through hefty printed indexes and then retrieving the actual texts from bound volumes or microfilm. Thanks to the creation of digital archives, it is now possible to search for articles via your computer. Many publications have set up websites with an archive of back issues. To locate the website of a print publication, try NewsLink , which is arranged by subject and by geography. Look here for a directory of newspaper archives. Be sure to check how far back an archive goes many newspapers make available articles for only a limited period of time.

Ongoing problems with corporate crime and misbehavior make it essential for progressive activists to know how to gather information on the way business operates. These days, all of us need to be watchdogs against the excesses of corporate power.

One of the major role of strategic management is to incorporate various functional areas of the organization completely, as well as, to ensure these functional areas harmonize and get together well. Another role of strategic management is to keep a continuous eye on the goals and objectives of the organization.

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