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Successful day traders need a day trading coach. As your trading coach I will teach you the day trading basics as well as day trading secrets using proven EMini Futures pivot point trading strategies. Wherever you are in this world, with computer and internet. you can learn to do business with the stock market. You can be your own boss and set the hours you prefer with minimal overhead. Consider initiating that early retirement parallel to generating a generous steady income of your own choosing.

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There is no such thing as an acceptable draw down period.   Either you know how to trade or you don 8767 t. If you don 8767 t know how to trade, even elaborate money management skills will do no more than merely postpone the inevitable. You might possibly even induce self sabotage of your account into the array of acceptable solutions.

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Listen, you 8767 ll never have time. You have to make time. Anybody who has accepted the challenge of creating a better life knows this fact.

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If it’s more than 65 min. there is a good chance you might be wishing you had more confidence in what you were seeing on your charts.  There is no need to sit there all day staring at your screens. We trade 85-65 min. at market open and are then free for the rest of  the day.  Taking 7 6/7 to 8 points out of the market before turning off the charts is our business plan. The remainder of the day is left t hen to do as we choose.

As a part of the Trading Trainer community you can expect to discover many things about option trading that you may not have known before.

I have a passion for doing business with the emini futures markets, and a passion for coaching/tutoring individuals that have the true desire to succeed. If you are serious about your devotion to trading, I am offering an education that will provide for you and your family for many lifetimes to come. What is this education worth to you?

We will be training to use the only real leading indicator available, the subconscious mind. In conjunction, we will be looking at the Macdbb 8767 s, Fibonacci 8767 s, entry and exit bar patterns, and pivot trading areas. All the market pressures will be covered.  As your trading coach I will go over anything technical that seems to be needed in your pivot trading vision.

When you activate your program today, you 8767 ll get full access to the Trading Trainer Learning Community Web Portal and our trading community. Plus, you 8767 ll learn how to trade options directly from . Brown.

The NinjaTrader platform will be used. The NinjaTrader Data and charting platform are free for SIM trading and I will set up your platform to match my pivot point trading charts and indicators.

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