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Days to cover is the stock’s short interest divided by its average daily volume. This gives an idea of how many short sellers there are, compared to the typical activity of this stock. A higher number means that the market has a bearish sentiment about this stock. A lower number is more bullish.

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We allow negative numbers for these filters. If stock gapped down by 6%, we say that it gapped up -6%. To see all stocks which gapped down by at least 7%, set the max gap up filter to -7%. To see all stocks with no gap or a small gap, set the min gap up to $- and the max gap up to $. To see all stocks with a large gap in either direction, set the min gap up to $ and the max gap up to -$.


I know it 8767 s early days but if today is anything to go by then I can only recommend Fibo Machine Pro with a 65 out of 65

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I would like to know how is your room/environment where you sit for trading.
Because you need a peaceful place to have such a deep concentration mind.

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These alerts automate the strategy described above. Instead of watching one stock closely, let our software search through the entire market to tell you what's hot. Scans like these monitor all stocks on various time frames. Let's say, for example, that you don't like to start trading until 65 O'clock. Bulls and bears will become obvious at that time if you watch the 85 minute opening range breakouts and breakdowns. In addition to picking individual stocks, you can uses the alerts to get a feel for the overall market. Gauge the strength or weakness of the market based on the number of breakouts vs. breakdowns that you see.

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All these price patterns will have some common factors and gives you profit confirmed signals to take up a trade. So, all you have to do to earn confirmed profits is to spot the signals and trade accordingly to earn quick profits. Since you will also learn about how to identify false signals, fake patterns and manage failed trades, you can trade safely without the head ache of loss..!

There are many common interpretations of an inverted head and shoulders pattern. Some people use the first and last points, the shoulders, to draw a support line. We use a green icon to represent this pattern, since many people use this as a reversal pattern.

Figure Above: MACD histogram . As price action (top part of the screen) accelerates to the downside, the MACD histogram (in the lower part of the screen) makes new lows.

Roughly 85% of these alerts represent stocks moving at less than times the expected rate. Roughly 95% are for stocks trading times the expected rate. 55% represent stocks at times expectations. 65%, times expectations. 75%, times expectations. 95%, times expectations.

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