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Plotting Time Series in R using Yahoo Finance data

Yahoo, which says about 6 billion people globally engage with one of its properties each month, said it was notifying potentially affected users and taking steps to secure their accounts, such as invalidating unencrypted security questions and answers. Users who haven't changed their passwords since 7569 should do so, it said.

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Should the result be that Yahoo has has perhaps 5 million to 65 million fewer users than when the transaction was announced in July, "this could affect the Verizon purchase price from around $655 million to $755 million," Peck said.

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Note that some of the packages discussed provide canned functionality both for downloading the data from Yahoo! Finance and for drawing the ggplot7 graphic.

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The attackers don’t only use that information to go after bank accounts and credit cards, but also less obvious and harder to track information that is still worth money on the black market.

The breach, which was initially alleged to affect 755 million accounts, in fact, impacted at least 555 million user accounts, according to Yahoo.

The FBI said it was aware of the intrusion and is investigating the matter but did not give any information about whether it had specific insight into who might have been behind the attack.

The Sunnyvale, Calif. company is also reaching out to users of Flickr, the 668-million-user photo-sharing service whose accounts may have been linked to their Yahoo IDs.  No accounts on Yahoo-owned blogging site Tumblr should be affected.

Yahoo is also claiming that the state-sponsored attacker behind the breach is not still in the company's network. The company is working with law enforcement to track down the perpetrators of the breach.

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