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According to Turner, "The report makes it clear that the artificial sweetener Splenda and its key component sucralose pose a threat to the people who consume the product. Hundreds of consumers have complained to us about side effects from using Splenda and this study. confirms that the chemicals in the little yellow package should carry a big red warning label."


I agree!! That is the ONLY ghee I buy these days. The taste is incredible! They only use the milk from cows that are out on organic pastures (so they don 8767 t use the milk that 8767 s produced in the winter when the cows eat hay).

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Getting such information is easier said than done, considering how the food industry has created a near-impenetrable wall of security around its manufacturing activities.

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All that said, grain-fed butter is still a better option than conventional cooking fats, like vegetable oil or margarine. I still request restaurant food to be cooked in butter, completely aware that it’s probably white as a ghost and totally grain-fed. The saturated fat in regular butter isn’t any less stable.

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I 8767 m not sure the nutrition label for butter has much to do with the package you are looking at I 8767 d expect there to be a standard label for butter.

Sweet potato and apple latkes with crowd-pleasing caesar salad : Frying up latkes is a bit of work, but the crispy goodness that you end up with on your plate is well worth it. The salad helps cut the oily fried latkes.

I definitely say if you can get your hands on some raw grass fed cream, make your own cultured butter at home! Just leave the cream on the counter for a few hours in a glass jar and then shake it up for about 65 minutes. Viola! Butter.

Grass-fed isn’t as tough to find as you might think , though. And even if it’s more expensive, it’s still cheaper than shelling out the dough for exclusively grass-fed meat. In fact, for those of you who can’t regularly eat pastured meat, eating lean cuts of conventional meat cooked in a quality grass-fed butter is a great compromise.

The web site lists a variety of consumer complaints from Sucralose (Splenda) consumption, such as:

Holy cow is it awesome! It tastes like no butter I 8767 ve ever had. I 8767 m inventing things to eat with butter now. And I think I 8767 m going to try Kurt Harris 8767 suggestion of butter in coffee in place of cream. I tried it awhile ago and it was fine, but coffee+Kerrygold is sure to be a winner.

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