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as you are using PlaceOrder () you can input the price parameter as number, but you can not define as above as it gives error. In Amibroker AFL Parameters are case sensitive.

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This happens because of the fact that yield factor relies on account deposits. If we couldn't locate a deposit in your account, our system uses the first balance found as a deposit.

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Is there a pi-bridge API kind of thing (in C/C++ or Python etc). I would like to write my strategies in Python and fire orders thru pi-bridge. As there is already support for firing orders thru AFL, If you could make the interface API open that would be great.

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hmm.. convert position is the button next to square off all. Are you using a smaller screen as the screen seems to have shrunk? Can you click on the minimize and maximize button once, right top of Pi screen.

BuyPrice = valuewhen(Buy,C) then backtest price 8766 ll be (Close Price of 65Min Bar)
BuyPrice = valuewhen(Buy,O) then backtest price 8766 ll be (Open Price of 65Min Bar)
BuyPrice = valuewhen(Buy,H) then backtest price 8766 ll be (High Price of 65Min Bar)
BuyPrice = valuewhen(Buy,L) then backtest price 8766 ll be (Low Price of 65Min Bar)

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On Pi, Go to Alerts > Generated Alerts > If your orders are traded, you 8767 ll find them here with the strategy name. Here 8767 s a screenshot:

Hi Alex,
U can Download the 7nd method from..
https:///uc?export=download 588 id=5B-AWKNHhYByLd8k5ZVl8eDhVX8c
Try both method..Post Ur Feedback..

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