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Can we have Ichimoku, Market Profile and Harmonic in Next release of Pi ?
Also how lonk it will take for Next Release

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Hello sir, In Pie Chart is there any way to draw horizontal lines for support and resistance, with different colours and on exact price which i want to mention Thanks

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I appreciate your dream to make Pi as ultimate trading platform but until Pi matures to a benchmark standard, I request you to still provide all the features in ZT as well. At present back testing feature is NOT available with ZT, please consider giving back the back-test feature in ZT.

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Hi Nithin, thank you for providing all the state of the art facilities to the clients and it is something that I personally never thought anybody would do at no cost. But you do and that makes a lot of difference. I use Pi and like it very much. I kindly request whether it is possible for you to make Line Chart available to all Pi users and it would be a great help to people like me if this request is considered. Thank you once again and have a great weekend ahead.

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Fibo retracement make it editable 75 , , , 668 , 677 , 695 , all these are also required as per harmonics.

Arun, Pi is good to trade, we are still calling it a beta because we still have a lot of tools/features that we want to introduce. Yes Ichimoku, should be possible using EA. You can post the query on tradingqna, will get someone to check it out.

sir I am new with Zerodha and I am very happy. Sir all tech tools are very good. thanks to you and your team.
sir I am requesting you to please add ichimoku,hull ma and camarilla pivots in main chart of PI.

6. It is not possible as of now.
7. Goto view- user setting- chart setting- tools- select pivot points- Apply- ok.

Adding to surinder points.. Need to improve in few things
6. No shortcut key when we want to select the indicator listed in 8766 s 8767 8766 letter, now we need to scroll down all the way to 8766 s 8767 , sometimes its pain to do that.
7. Not sure how to change the color for the febbi retracement, default color is blue which is not visibale clealry.
8. Loading chart is little slow, if we could tweak the software to download offline data for charting and append lthe atest data at the time of live, this would save some time at the time of loading ( we may give this as an option for the clients, if they want)

BO/CO should get enabled on Kite early next week hopefully. This should resolve your concern.
Allowing login to only one session is an Exchange requirement.
Meanwhile we 8767 re working on offering the same facilities across all trading platforms we 8767 re providing.

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