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The criteria that we can use to screen stocks to know its price valuatin are “ P/E ”, “ Price/Sales ” & “ Price to book value ”. Where ever possible I try to check bests stocks price valuation in terms of stocks free cash flow.

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8.) Vanguard Australia have just started a new International ETF (VGS %) which includes the US. An investor COULD potentially invest in this instead of VTS + VEU. However, I like having one investment in the US separately as this allows some room to capitilise on US market movements as well as having lower fees.

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The good news is, this is *only* $85K/yr (with employer contribution) and I can contribute around $75K/yr to a separate, taxable account at Vanguard and can put some money in bonds there to make up for it (maybe 65%? 75% I 8767 m open to recommendations). There 8767 s also a backdoor roth IRA as well which I will be doing yearly. I 8767 ve got some serious time to make up for, and I have to set myself up to be able to retire early if needed. I do have partial disability insurance but I found restrictions when I looked into it, and I can 8767 t get more because I 8767 m apparently 8775 uninsurable, 8776 so I need to be my own insurance. That 8767 s why I 8767 m doing this. So, any advice you have on these investment options would be golden!

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The Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF holds 8555+ companies, many of them multi-national giving you world-wide exposure. This would be my choice.

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I think I have almost read every one of your posts in the past fortnight. Absolutely love it all and have linked a bunch of friends too including my wife.

First, I think your thought process on these is spot on and, since this is a personal decision, I 8767 d follow that to the end choice.

Vanguard does not charge commissions for their ETFs. Would that make it a good choice to DCA until you get about 65K worth to shift to the admiral shares?

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I am also a UK based investor. Be aware that what you suggest contains duplication of US exposure. The Vanguard World ETF (VWRL) is approx. 55% invested in the US market. So why do you need an S& P555 tracker as well? If you want a 65% equities : 95% bonds portfolio, why not just keep things nice and simple and go with:

My only other thought is that a 55/95 stock/bond allocation is very conservative for a 95 year old guy. At least from my view.

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