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What I would say is that you and I should count ourselves lucky to have found a genuine guy who teaches pure truths and a thumbs up to you Nial, thanx for the education that you keep spilling to willing followers of you.

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Over the past two years I have lost faith in my own abilities (was a successful buy and hold investor in mostly mining stocks... copped a big hit in 8767 58). I now keep looking for a mentor-style program to rebuild my confidence. Your article hits home, along with ego, arrogance and pride another aspect could be shyness (unwilling to follow through for fear of ridicule/failure). I find your simple straight-forward attitude and realistic approach a plus when looking for education and, more importantly, a mentor.

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In the past I have paid a lot of money for training only to find the trainer, despite having a lot of knowledge not being able to make money out of trading, and having to make money out of newbies. These clowns makes people skeptical of the real deal.

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Nial,i learn from you because i know you are a professional trader and i also want to price action strategy doesnt only improve my trading but also reduces the stress i gone through while so much Nial,to me you are the greatest mentor and the greatest techer of simplicity all your articles.

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u speak the truth is an adage that says 8775 a child no matter the number of cloths he has, he can never has as much rags as his father 8776 .

Thanks for you priceless forex confidence was gone because of string of bad trades but reading through materials have actually boosted my now place wining trade.
Thanks so very much.

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I enjoyed this article and agree that it is a summary of the truth when it comes to FX trading. Get some training/mentoring, pay attention, and focus on price action. I also personally believe that a person needs to lose some of his/her personal money in trading in order to feel the pain, make it real and thus learn. We need to form a turtle group for FX trading! The snapshot of the girl is also an essential element of this and hopefully other articles. Nice touch Nial.

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