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“I entered this weekend knowing nothing about trading and after just 7 days I feel confident about my financial future. Siam explained what were very complex ideas in ways we could all understand, excellent facilitator.”

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In a fast-moving Internet where you can't afford to miss something or make a wrong choice ("FOMO"), eliminating that anxiety is huge. Putting 655% of your time into growing your business, confident that we have your back, is one of the most important things that we do for SBIers.

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“Fantastic balance of content and trading strategies to get a new trader started. Proactively answered all of my pre-course perceptions (. What gives me the opportunity to do well in a field full of professionals?) Feeling ready and motivated to start!”

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Stack the odds in your favor!
Build a business with both substantial income and
genuine equity (real value if/when you sell your business).

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“If you are someone who is looking to get rich quick, then this course is NOT for you, but if you want to master the skills of trading and consistently make 7-5% per month then this course is definitely for you. I have thoroughly enjoyed Siam’s training style. He is extremely knowledgeable at trading and teaches you to be a realistic trader! If you are serious about trading, then Siam Kidd, the Realistic Trader, is your man.”

“Siam really knows his stuff, but moreover, he has tons of integrity. I would highly recommend him to anybody wanting to learn about trading 588 investing.”

“Very enjoyable and I certainly learned a lot! Siam answered any questions very well. Surroundings were beautiful and very comfortable. A*!”

“This is a course that lives up to its name. It’s realistic. Trading is not a get rich quick scheme, Siam shows how by using tried and tested methods, income can be grown over a period of months/years. Very honest and good fun. A really interesting course.”

When you take my home study course and become a member, you instantly receive access to a committed team of associate mentors who can offer you additional support and resources – whenever you need it.

“I am delighted to have completed my first ‘Realistic Trader’ course. The course was run at a pace that suited all of the delegates and Siam was excellent at explaining all sections along the way ensuring no one got left behind. I can 655% recommend this!”

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