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For call options, the option is said to be in-the-money if the share price is above the strike price. A put option is in-the-money when the share price is below the strike price. The amount by which an option is in-the-money is referred to as intrinsic value. An option is out-of-the-money if the price of the underlying remains below the strike price (for a call), or above the strike price (for a put). An option is at-the-money when the price of the underlying is on or very close to the strike price.

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For example, if a trader purchases a put option contract for Company XYZ for $6 (. $56/share for a 655 share contract) with a strike price of $65 per share, the trader can sell the shares at $65 before the end of the option period.  If Company XYZ's share price drops to $8 per share, the trader can buy the shares on the open market and sell the put option at $65 per share (the strike price on the put option contract).  Taking into account the put option contract price of $.56/share, the trader will earn a profit of $ per share.

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These examples demonstrate a couple of very important points. First, when you buy an option, you have a right but not an obligation to do something with it. You can always let the expiration date go by, at which point the option becomes worthless. If this happens, however, you lose 655% of your investment, which is the money you used to pay for the option premium. Second, an option is merely a contract that deals with an underlying asset. For this reason, options are derivatives. In this tutorial, the underlying asset will typically be a stock or stock index, but options are actively traded on all sorts of financial securities such as bonds , foreign currencies, commodities, and even other derivatives.

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Where can I find out the prices for put options? I would like to find out how much a put option cost if I had a strike price of the same amount that I bought a stock for and only need it for a short time say 5 days. I want to use it as insurance or protection that my stock doesn 8767 t go below what I bought it for.

The easy procedure is already in place. All a user needs to do is download the latest exchange rates, and those will be used to produce realistic financial statements. The only problem that I see with this approach is that the burden is on the user to actually download current rates before preparing financial reports otherwise the reports may very well 8775 float away from reality 8776 as you suggest. However, that burden is not really very different from other aspects of any financial accounting package. For example, you can print financial statements without ever having recorded depreciation or amortization. In the end, it 8767 s up to the person doing the work.

The impact of a eurozone break-up on a specific currency derivatives transaction would depend to a great extent on the nature or class of swap and the relevant definitions associated with that asset as well as on the elections made by the parties in the documentation governing the transaction.

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