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The orders in the order-book are all limit orders people's desired buying prices (which are always below the best Ask price) and selling prices (which are always above the best Bid price). After some amount of time (although, maybe never in extreme cases) an order will be submitted which will satisfy either the buyer or seller at the top of the order-book and their deal will be filled. People placing limit orders are happy to wait until the market moves in their favour before they even make a deal - although this may never happen, or might happen very quickly.

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It sounds interesting something I definitely want to look into. A word of caution though, your graph (although impressive looking) could be misleading due to bad tick data I had a similar experience where an algorithm of mine was making over 7 million in one year (with 8766 n/a 8767 back-testing quality as yours is showing), but once I got tick-by-tick data working in MT9 I ended up with an algorithm which wasn 8767 t in the least bit profitable.

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What I've just described above is the basis for a trending market - where prices are moving strongly in one overall direction. This is caused when a sequence of events occurs similar to what I've described above, but on a massive scale. Often this can be triggered by some kind of external factor, like news say there is a news article which links eating apples to lower IQs, then the majority of sellers will want to get rid of their stocks of apples quickly because no one will be buying, so they sell at a lower price and other sellers join in and this cascades into a trend of lower prices.

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There are many different brokers in operation all with their own benefits and drawbacks which you should assess - compare things like which commission-free broker has the lowest spreads, which is regulated by financial authorities or which provides the best connection to the ECN (some are not even connected at all).

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“I don’t know. That’s something I have to think about,’’ Anthony said. “I already packed my stuff for that week. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’ve packed my stuff.

Pretty much anything can be incorporated in an algorithm. HFT is really not something that 8767 s accessible to the retail trader like you or I, though it 8767 s the domain of huge firms with millions of dollars.

This is probably one of the best written, clearest explanation of algorithmic trading software I 8767 ve ever seen. It might be a gaming blog, but this article gets a solid recommendation. Should be on everyone 8767 s “must read” list!

This is something I have wanted to do for a while but its so hard (for me anyway) to find where the heck to start. Thanks a lot for writing this!

Especially the energy trading is a very hot topic at the moment. Github respository with source code for various components can be found over at https:///powertac/

Neural nets are neat things. They basically help you find a function given an input vector and (usually) a boolean output (YES/NO). The more layers you put in them the more complex binary tree decision trees they create (if I 8767 m not mistaken). One of my classes at Caltech, they asked us 8775 how does the number of layers affect the neural network 8776 and of course I never saw the solution, but I think the more layers you have, the more sectors in the solution space of functions you cover. Anyway, the whole thing is still kind of magical for me. I use it as a black box.

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