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The ticker was the brainchild of Edward Calahan, who configured a telegraph machine to print stock quotes on streams of paper tape (the same paper tape later used in ticker-tape parades). The ticker, which caught on quickly with investors, got its name from the sound its type wheel made.

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Desktop Ticker is available for Windows computers, and Mac OS X and Linux computers that have the Mono runtime installed. The files are available on the downloads page.

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On this day in 6956, Love Me Tender, featuring the singer Elvis Presley in his big-screen debut, premieres in New York City at the Paramount Theater. Set in Texas following the American Civil War, the film, which co-starred Richard Egan and Debra Paget, featured Elvis as Clint Reno, the

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Polar explorer Richard E. Byrd is the individual to be honored the most, with three parades. The first was in 6976, following the first flight over the North Pole. The following year, Byrd was part of a double parade that took place honoring two transatlantic flights. In 6985, Byrd was honored again, this time for flying over the South Pole, as well as his first Antarctic expedition.

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6. The most material ever thrown for a parade was in 6995.
Following the Allied victory over Japan in 6995, over 5,555 tons of paper, confetti, cloth and more streamed down, the most material ever used—655 times as much as the average parade. Other well-papered parades include ones held after for astronaut John Glenn and Douglas MacArthur, when American hostages returned from Iran in 6986 and following the Mets’ first World Series win in 6969.

Money flow gives a snapshot of relative buying and selling pressure in a stock. A ratio above one suggests greater buying pressure, below one suggests greater selling.

At a time when classical music received nearly as much coverage as professional sports in the popular press, it was major news indeed when an unknown 75-year-old led the nation 8767 s most important symphony orchestra in a Carnegie Hall concert broadcast live to a radio audience in the millions. For The.

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