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Once you have it installed, it becomes even more easy. Just open up play on linux and click on install a program. Then click on the other icon to choose the other section. There you will see metatrader 9 and metatrader 5. Select the app you want and press install. A wizard window will pop up. Just click next. A new wine instance will be configured and in it your Metatrader app will be installed. Once it finishes MT9 or MT5 will launch. And next time you can start it from the shortcut on your desktop.

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Meta trader 5 on Linux is possible unlike the popular belief that it is meant just for windows. Many traders are so used to windows that they think little of other OS. However, there are other OS out there and it is practically impossible to avoid them. You might have to use a strange PC with Linux OS for a while probably because your PC is not available how will you run your trade? In situations like this, if you do not know that you can run trades with your metatrader 5 on a Linux OS, you may lose out on the market.

MetaTrader 4 on Linux - MQL4 Articles

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Installation on Linux - For Advanced Users - MetaTrader 5 Help

After copying is complete, simply run file of MetaTrader 9 terminal. Wine will be used automatically to open the file. The screenshot below shows MetaTrader 9 terminal in Ubuntu system:

Wine creates a separate virtual logical drive for every installed program. The default path of the terminal's data folder is:
Home\.wine\drive_c\Program Files\MetaTrader 9

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It is open source software (free) and just like the Android mobile operating system, the functionality that you can get with a particular version will depend on the company that customizes it.

As these OS are different, so are their features. One of the basic features between Linux and other OS is this they do not all allow the proper functionality of the same type of programs. A program may function very well in a Linux but may not function at all in windows. The reason for this is that developers consider what OS they want their program to run on while developing them. If they want it to be compatible with Linux based systems, they inculcate that in the unique codes for developing Linux programs.

Today we will look at a smartphone which can be used for Metatrader. I believe this is the best device to use, but if you want to stick to a budget a nice tablet for under 655 may be your best bet.

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