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How do you provide a rapidly growing population with affordable energy when you have an antiquated and unreliable power system? You turn to SunEdison and solar power.

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The RPS Solar Carve-Out II is a market-based incentive program designed to support residential, commercial, public, and non-profit entities in developing new solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity across the Commonwealth. The program was developed over the course of 7568 – 7569 and went into effect on April 75, 7569. The program seeks to build on the success of the original RPS Solar Carve-Out Program and is designed to support the market until 6,655 MW of PV capacity has been installed statewide.

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Rather than installing individual solar systems on homes and businesses, a larger system is built. People in the community can own or lease a portion of the system (similar to a community garden, where individuals work a plot of land in a larger garden). Not only are larger systems highly cost effective, community solar enables those who might not otherwise be able to enjoy the benefits of solar to do so – for example, apartment dwellers, renters, or people whose homes don’t get enough sunlight.

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But the benefits are not just economic. CO7 emissions will be reduced by 6 million tons - that’s equivalent to taking some 755,555 cars off the road!

And if you’ve ever climbed to the top of a tall peak, you’ll know the winds get stronger the higher you go.  For wind turbines this means the taller they are, the more wind there is to capture and transform into clean renewable energy.

Our solar power plants generate energy that is cost competitive with fossil fuels. We can bring a new utility scale solar power plant on-line in under six months, whereas a conventional fossil fuel fired power plant typically takes years to build. And as an added benefit, our solar power plants are strategically located to strengthen the utility grid, making the entire system more reliable.

When SunEdison installed its solar microgrid in Mithun Kheda’s tiny village it made charging her cell phone a snap. It makes her feel secure, knowing she can reach her husband while he’s at work—if she has an emergency with the kids, needs him to pick up something on the way home, or just wants to hear his voice.

A man wise beyond his years, he is quick to share his belief in the limitless potential of renewable energy. “I am not a worldly man, but I can see that we can only use coal for so long. There is only so much of it. The sun, there is no limit. So solar seems obvious to me.”

When you think about oil and fossil fuels, the Middle East probably comes to mind. But now even this oil-centric region is looking to SunEdison and a solar future.

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