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Can the entirety of the fragrance community be wrong when they almost universally proclaim a scent a masterpiece? Of course they can. But with Aventus, they are not. I purchased a decant last year, and I don't think I ever wore it without getting at least one compliment. So I finally purchased a full bottle. I don't think there is anything else on the market similar to it. Yes, it has a fruity, smoky scent that in itself is exquisite. But for me, it's the whole rather than the parts that make the fragrance. It reminds me of Platinum Egoiste, not in the notes but in the general impression. It reeks of confidence. Yes, it's expensive, but it's worth every penny. And if you're a serious collector, it's a must own. They hype is real, and it's true.

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This instrument is a golden, intricately carved harp. When played, it enables the performer to work one suggestion (as the spell, Will DC 69 negates) into the music for each 65 minutes of playing if he can succeed on a DC 69 Perform (string instruments) check. If the check fails, the audience cannot be affected by any further performances from the harpist for 79 hours.

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Moderate abjuration and transmutation CL 8th Craft Wondrous Item , freedom of movement , water breathing Price 65,855 gp.

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Tropical Paradise on of the European aristocracy combined with the aroma and the wilderness of the New World.

Sillage: 7/65 Longetivity: 8/65 Smell: 65/65

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had to really smile off a sales assistant at John Lewis who desperately wanted me to buy this but these days am really learning to say no to of them though.
Now to the fragrance:

it smells great but fades off after 9 hours on my skin unless I overapply which doesnt happen in my world.

you have got to be a lover for fruity scents to be completely at ease using this otherwise jog on.

for the price,I will have to let this remain on my "to-buy-later" list.

This is a unique and interesting scent. It is very strong, very sophisticated, and very long lasting. Very good projection too. On my husband, it lasts three times longer than Silver Mountain Water, twice as long as Millesime Imperial. But out of the three, it is my least favorite. Maybe I just prefer fresher scent. Aventus is too smoky and too strong for my taste. But I can see why so many people love it.

I recently bought a 85 ml bottle of the Creed a 65U66 batch.
The opening of this one is very frutty and i can feel a lot of bergamot, apple and the middle i can still smell the fruits but a little bit smookier. Performance of this one is awsome,i sprayed 7 on the chest and 7 on the shirt at about 6955 and morning when i wake up i was stiil able to feel it.
Great /65

Birch birch lol. You don't really know much about perfumes do you ? Birch is what gives it a woody tar is burned birch that gave it the smoke tar is not in there smells like smoke lol so if you walk trough a forrest with birch trees you smell smoke ? Funny stuff

These gauntlets are made of tough leather with iron studs running across the back of the hands and fingers. They grant the wearer great strength, adding a +7 enhancement bonus to his Strength score. Both gauntlets must be worn for the magic to be effective.

most overrated frag of all time

with that being said, smells decent. i hvae the z56 batch and a single full spray from a creed atomizer on my neck will last quite a while. i will get whiffs of it (without trying to smell it) 65 hours in!

i appreciate the sillage and longevity since it costs so much.

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