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Explore career opportunities in IT project management, PC tech support, mobile app development, game programming, and more.

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The most common degree types held by the working population in Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services are Bachelor's degree Master's degree and Doctorate degree.

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Find out what it takes to pursue a career as an electrician, automotive technician, aviation technician, or other type of trade.

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The highest paid occupations for Computer Support Specialist majors, by median income, are Physicians & surgeons Securities, commodities, & financial services sales agents and Chief executives & legislators .

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OUR International College (OIC), Thiruvananthapuram offers 8 Years Full Time Bachelors Degree in Computer Applications (BCCA)

MA and PhD programs in fields such as linguistics, cognitive science, psychology, computer science, anthropology, philosophy, communication sciences, education, English, cognitive neuroscience, and the study of particular language(s)

This map shows the public-use micro areas in the United States where there are a relatively high population of industries that employ Computer Support Specialist majors.

Teach a foreign language: Your students will benefit from your knowledge of language structure and your ability to make certain aspects of the language especially clear. You will need to be very proficient in the relevant language, and you may need additional training in language pedagogy.

Here we see the difference in gender for each race & ethnicity of students graduating with a Associate's Degree in Computer Support Specialist.

Work in the publishing industry, as a technical writer, or as a journalist: The verbal skills that linguists develop are ideal for positions in editing, publishing, and writing.

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