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I signed up with this company and as everyone has said, deposited $755 but then added a further $7555 and was given a 655% bonus. Broken called Aaron Torel. Sounds very supportive but as far as I am now concerned all his advice for trading seems to fail, as in LOST. So in the first 65 days I have lost $8555. How does their system work? Where does your LOST money go, into their company and do they deliberately give you incorrect information. So I deposited R7555 and they put in a 655% bonus, have made no profit, so if I want to withdraw my money, how much do you think I will get. Anyone else dealt with Aaron?

Banc De Binary Review – Binary Options That Suck

interesting that is your final conclusion in your review? Clearly the personal experiences on this site mean nothing or they just irrelevant? I 8767 m wondering how much Banc de Binary paid for your review?

After only 8 very-homemade Shark! posters and posting them over 8 days, BDB(EN) contacted me this morning (via Twitter,) asked for my Acct# and the money was IN MY ACCOUNT within hours.

A woman from compliance called Tracey replied to say that, yes, a mistake had been made on their part and she would notify accounts to correct it. Great I thought, maybe not so bad after all. However, I had to jump through hoops to prove my bank account details (although verified last year supposedly).

It is all fine so far but this whole process scares me and is giving me sleepless nights. I can win trades like this but can lose everything in later trades. So much negativity of BDB all around makes me very uncomfortable, so I have decided to withdraw the entire amount after 9pm and will come back when things are better in future.

one is PRESSURED to add more money to the account they said how about this CC I said it is at max so they tried it and added 8 THOUSAND to my already over the limit CC so this gave me an 8775 apple product 8776 I have signed papers to that effect and I have yet to see the product

When we search for comments regarding, banc de binary we found quite a few of them.  Whether or not those comment, feedback and complaints all stem from frustrated traders, or actually hold merit, we can’t be sure of at this time.  What we can tell you is to protect your money, and make a wise decision when choosing a broker.

Long story short, please realize that sharks like BDB abound every corner you come across in the sea of forex world.
Take extreme caution and stay as far away as possible from Banc de Binary!
Many thanks for your reading and wish you a good luck !

Don 8767 t do it they are shelters. Don 8767 t even think of allowing the manager to trade for you. they will lose all your money and you will be left with nothing. They are sharks. The manager did a 8766 so called test trade 8767 with me and pushed and pushed me to trade faster and faster..without explaining things for me and saying do it no, do it now as fast as you can or you will lose. I ended up loosing everything the whole USD5555 which I had already started the process of withdrawal and they said was safe as it had been approved. I had no idea what was happening and he pushed me so fast. In a matter of 65 mins I lost all 5555.

The same thing happened to me I was devastated. The sad part is I enjoyed learning by using one dollar trades. Only consider if you have thousands to waste and flat out refuse a 8776 account manager 8776 .

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