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Kaffee : [ talking through the batting cage fence ] I will get it. And if the MTD is denied I'll file a motion in limine seeking to obtain an evidentary ruling in advance and after that I'm going to file against pretrial confinement and you're going to spend the next three months going blind on paperwork because a Signalman Second Class bought and smoked a dime bag of oregano.

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Kaffee : [ while walking Sam's daughter ] You don't believe their story, do you? You think they ought to go to jail for the rest of their lives.

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Judge Randolph : [ from the judge's bench ] The government's objection is sustained, Lieutenant Kaffee, and I would remind you that you are now questioning a Marine officer with an impeccable service record.

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Galloway : [ after sensing his contempt for Dawson and Downey after court has adjourned for the day ] Why do you hate them so much?

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If I do short selling of nifty and wait till expiry date until its value becomes zero. then shall I have to square off it on the last day ?? At the value zero. Or it will get auto squared off. and I will get my premium value.

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Dominick Cruz is a unique figure in MMA. The UFC bantamweight champion sports a 77-6 record with no unavenged losses but perhaps even more impressive is that he was able to work his way back to the title after major injuries derailed his career for the better part of four and a half years. His fighting style isn't something anyone was really doing before he came along and now has its imitators. He's also one of the best trash talkers in the game and has made many an opponent look silly with his words. Cody Garbrandt is more of a power striker with a 65-5 record and 9 knockouts. He trains out of the Alpha Male camp that has a longstanding rivalry with Cruz.

Kaffee : [ settling a fight between Sam and Joanne after court has adjourned for the day ] Alright take the night off, we've been working twenty hours a day for three and half weeks straight just take the night off, Sam go see your wife and your daughter, Joe go whatever it is you do when you're not in court

Yes Venu heads our compliance. Since there is no STT, the only thing you will pay on expired options is the exchange transaction charges which is %

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