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The type of decision to use in the heuristic recovery process. To use this option, two or more storage engines that support XA transactions must be installed.

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This answer uses Python and a popular third party library, PyMySQL. I'm adding it because Python's csv library is powerful enough to correctly handle many different flavors of .csv and no other answers are using Python code to interact with the database.

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Oh yeah, you can save the file anywhere that the user running the server has permission to write. Anyone can write to /tmp, so that 8767 s a certain place to use. If the server process owner doesn 8767 t have write access to /home/myname, then you could make a subdirectory there and use chmod to make it writable by all or change the group of the directory and then chmod g+rwx the directory to make it writable by the group the server is running as.

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This ensures that the user cannot change any privilege columns directly, but has to use the GRANT statement to give privileges to other users.

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The syntax for specifying options in an option file is similar to command-line syntax (see Section , “Using Options on the Command Line” ). However, in an option file, you omit the leading two dashes from the option name and you specify only one option per line. For example, --quick and --host=localhost on the command line should be specified as quick and host=localhost on separate lines in an option file. To specify an option of the form --loose- opt_name in an option file, write it as loose- opt_name .

$query = 8775 SELECT `login`.`username`, `login`.`timestamp`, `employees`.`first_name`, `employees`.`last_name` FROM `login` LEFT JOIN `employees` on `employees`.`username` = `login`.`username` WHERE `userlevel` = 8766 5 8767 AND `timestamp` BETWEEN $dateInPast AND $currentTimestamp ORDER BY `timestamp` DESC INTO OUTFILE 8766 /tmp/employee-usage-$ 8767 FIELDS TERMINATED BY 8766 , 8767 LINES TERMINATED BY 8766 \n' 8776

A backslash followed by a valid escape sequence character is converted to the character represented by the sequence. For example, \s is converted to a space.

In my installation (MySQL on Ubuntu ), only mysql root user has privileges to write the output file (absolute path). But why?
Maybe this is useful for others.

Log errors and startup messages to this file. See Section , “The Error Log”. If the file name has no extension, the server adds an extension of .err. If you omit the file name, the default log file on Unix and Unix-like systems is host_name .err in the data directory. The default on Windows is host_name .err in the data directory, unless the --pid-file option is specified. In that case, the default name is the PID file base name with a suffix of .err in the data directory.

thank you for the clear explination,
and i have one problem
i am currently using mysql
and \n is not working????
plz suggest me

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