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Understandably, the wishes of a president cannot necessary become the policy of government in a democracy. Furthermore, setting monetary policy objectives is actually not the prerogative of the President or the Executive but that of the Governor of the CBN who must naturally act under the guidance of policy making committees and be independent from politicians and politics.

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How many non hausa do you see every where in Nigeria selling dollars on the streets, the country is their property and they have done what they wanted, they can continue and even sell Nigeria to Saudi arabia, if they so please. Some southerners will go along with them, those slaves who forgot where they came from.

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Government policy makers must place the interest of the people above selfish desires. Imagine if the number of students currently abroad are brought back to Nigeria,how many universities can accommodate them in addition to the students already in their campus ?

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Yes, you need to calculate the capital gain tax and file the return. Otherwise you may get notice for non filing of return 588 transacting in a property.

Buhari: Nigeria Can’t Afford Forex Demand for Students

we were facing a serious problem with on of the foundations in America, they utilized the BG of our client and did not pay the profits. Now we are taking a legal action against them through beker and Mackenzie

7 I have read that NRI can invest in stocks only through PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme). But I already have investment in stocks which I plan to leave as it is, . not do any transaction till the time my status is NRI (next 9-5 years). Is that possible or do I have to convert my present holding to PIS ?

As an NRI you can trade in Derivatives but through separate account.
Now you are already traded through normal account, nothing much can be done.

Is MT799 still used by top world banks? I asked Barclays, UK to issue an MT799 to a seller and they advised they no longer issued them. They advised the Seller would have to ask his bank to send a Status Report Request to them.

7. My flat is registered in may name and my Wife 8767 s name as well(she has a PAN card and she is housewife), so last Week she recieved a call from IT dept. that, tax has to be paid for the purchase of Flat. she didnot tell him that it is on Bank loan. so what type of Tax is levied on the purchase of New flat which is solely for self residence under Laon?

Currently , I m working in Saudi Arabia since 7 years, and frequently transferring my salary amount into my brother Indian Saving account! Is he / am i eligible under criteria of tax filing act.

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