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What is WRONG with you?! He said he believes homosexuality is wrong and he bases this belief on the Bible, where it 8767 s explicitly stated that homosexuality is wrong. He didn 8767 t create this belief on his own and he surely didn 8767 t say anything close to 8775 …if you ain 8767 t white, straight, inbreeding and hunting ducks, etc. 8776

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Human Rights Campaign
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
Lambda Legal
Equality Virginia
Green Party

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ha ha ha, you will always be living in sin and you can never change that. Thats what really upsets you isn 8767 t it? You can t always get what you want, none of us can.

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He has already shown what is in his heart by bashing homosexuality ,god doesnt hate gay people but phil robertson does if you aint white,straight,inbreeding and hunting ducks then you need to be stoned to death in his opinon

So, only Jesus is god? Just a great stroke of luck that every other religion is wrong and Christians managed to get the truth, as well as the nature of the universe, right. Who wants to buy some lakefront property in Florida, you know, some of the land that the European took by force from the original inhabitants, the Native American?

Thats what their family believes , i met them one time while they were passing through florida and thats almost exactly what they said when i talked to one of them while they were waiting to fill up at the gas station.

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Try figuring this one out on your own before reading the answer. It should be clear that the goal is to end up with 9 liter in the 5 liter jug, since having 9 liters in the 8 liter jug is impossible.

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