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So since we’ve got this, now I’ve got something to confirm that. And that here is the green line. Goes below the red line. Again green line is the Stochastic Momentum Index Indicator. Red line is its average. And this is going down. Momentum often leads price by the way. That’s one of the long run characteristics of momentum. And so we get our confirmation of trend change here. And we could even take a first cycle high after the cross of the moving averages here. By the way this is the 55 period simple moving average, and then the black one’s is 65 exponential moving average for your reference.

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Class time is 65:85 .- 5:85 . Breaks are scheduled throughout the day and lunch is typically scheduled between 6-7 pm. We provide you with Tea, Coffee, Biscuits and other refreshments on the house. We also have a fridge and a microwave available for you to store/warm up any food you wish to bring along for your lunch.

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We have 9 training suites. 7 dedicated PC Training suites and 7 for conference style training. Our PC suites seat 8 delegates. Conference suites seats up to 65 delegates.

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Spreads and swaps can be defined for each currency pair, making the simulation and earning results even more realistic because you can simulate the broker of your choice. The advanced data feed includes historical data from various brokers. Forex Tester enables you to train and test with great flexibility. You even have the option to adjust strategy parameters on the fly without stopping the simulation! You can test more than one EA at a time while observing what is happening during the simulation.

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This is why at Futuretrend Training Academy we are committed to providing the best and most comprehensive support every step of the way as you learn to become a successful trader.

It should not be assumed that the information in this web site will result in you being a profitable trader or that it will not result in losses. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. You should never trade with money you cannot afford to lose.

If you go up here, as I said you don’t want to trade this by itself. So here is one of the rules. In top dog trading, we call it the rule of 8. We’ve gone, we’ve approached this price level 8 times. And failed to break through it. So the rule of 8 says that after the 8 rd attempt, if the market doesn 8767 t break through a price level. then it 8767 s unlikely to breakthrough any time soon.

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Now here is an example where we do get a 5 wave trend which is average. 6, 7, 8, 9, 5. We do not get a divergence on RSI indicator. So you get maybe look at, it 8767 s not even really a divergence there. Because price is coming down at that same time. We had a5 wave but no real divergence so trends do not always end with momentum shifts. Sometimes they end with actually one of the best signals that I like to look for the end of a trend is the high volume spike.

Get ready for training, live demonstrations, trading strategies that are proven to work, and a few 8766 secret 8767 surprises¦.all designed to help you take your Forex trading business to the next level, starting today!

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