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The video starts with the woman already crying at the front of the airplane, holding a child in her arms and asking for her stroller back. You can hear another upset passenger say he’s “not going to sit here and watch this.” before making his way to the front of the plane to confront the flight attendants and ask for the name of the employee that allegedly hit the crying woman. Another woman, seemingly a passenger, also confronts the airline staff about the situation.

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That being said, I do agree with people who said that change for changes sake is usually a bad decision. I also think the posters who said this was a strategy to come one step closer to a joint AA/USAir logo are probably correct and as such I don 8767 t think the average flyer or average employee were the target audience. This whole project, IMHO, speaks volumes about the way business is currently run: One group of knuckleheads running company 8775 A 8776 trying to impress a second group of similar knuckleheads running company 8775 B 8776 without any thought given to their employees or their customers.

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It’s unfortunately unclear exactly what happened before the video starts, but it is clear from the reactions of the passengers and the crying woman holding the child that there was a serious incident. The video’s poster, named Surain Adyanthaya on the Facebook account, claims the woman was hit by the male employee as he took away her stroller.

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As a professional designer and private pilot/aviation geek, I couldn 8767 t agree with you more, Patrick. AA could easily have evolved/updated/protected the successful elements of their branding to last another couple of decades, (Lufthansa anyone?), but they threw the baby out with the bath water.

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I am almost always on AA 8767 s 787-855 when I travel between BOS and LAX each month. They 8767 ve just added the A876 to one flight in each direction so I 8767 ve now had a chance to compare the two.

This post has been updated to clarify that the woman was allegedly hit with the stroller in the incident that occurred before the video begins.

And 8775 older person 8776 ? I 8767 m 96, and I 8767 ve been writing (ranting?) about airline identity/liveries in my columns and blogs for the past ten years.

Even after the current downgrading, JetBlue's extra legroom still beats any other airline. The de facto charge for a checked bag, at $65 over the minimum fare, is less than on most other airlines. The satellite-based Wi-Fi is free, at slow speeds, and $9 an hour for enough bandwidth to stream movies. And seats in JetBlue's Airbus planes are an inch wider than on any competitors' 787s.

There are no excuses for the logo (the eagle 8767 s Beak, the Linoleum Knife, whatever you want to call it). It 8767 s a horrible emblem. It 8767 s ugly, it evokes nothing (except a bank or credit card company), and without color it 8767 s just some bizarre, incoherent random shape.

The A876 you flew on sounds like it was originally a US plane, not a new AA one. There 8767 s no glitch. The website shows you which carrier is operating the flight when you book. If it 8767 s US, it won 8767 t be a new plane and it will suck, even in first.

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