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In addition to these big name stocks releasing numbers this week, the Federal Reserve also kicks off its May policy meeting from Tuesday. Although the markets are not expecting a rate hike, the markets may still react to Fed comments about the state of the economy.

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If we were to then push onward to / through the 7955 level, then it almost seems the whole market will ‘act short’ simply based on stops , as SPX / ES would be making new all-time highs, which could set-off ‘buy stops’ from shorts, or potentially drag new longs into the market on the momentum break. This is OUTSIDE of the potential ‘short gamma’ from the above trade(s). That said, the real chunky OI in both SPX and SPY options sits at 7975 / 7955 levels. A break to those levels would see serious ‘short gamma’ pain.

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hi sir, if i already take a position say reliance may call of 6995 and nw i want to take a position to sell reliance 6555 call of april can i get margin benefits and how much capital is required for shorting 6555 call pls help me

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As previously discussed, the butterfly and condor spreads are a composition of vertical spreads combined in various ways. All offer the trader various ways to profit with inherent defined risk. The long butterflies can be designed to profit as a stock moves up or down or trades sideways. The key to success is for the stock to stay in the range between the long strikes and optimally being at the common short strike nearest to expiration which is when the spread is at its most profitable point.

The pop up window shows Zero, but to calculate the IV you can first add the contract on the marketwatch and click Shift + o, this opens up an option calculator window where you can calculate the IV.

As explained If you want to buy 7555 CE when trading at 755, you need to have 755 765 55, but if you want to short 7555CE there is a margin required, which you can calculate using our SPAN calculator.

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Most of brokerage house around take FD as a collateral , I don 8767 t understand why zerodha does not take FD, when nse has allowed FD 8767 s as collateral..?

It used to be a great life running one of these little banks. You oversaw a network of 65 or 65 branches in smaller towns or suburbs across the country and were a well-liked business leader of your community.

In options trading, you may notice the use of certain greek alphabets like delta or gamma when describing risks associated with various positions. They are known as "the greeks".. [Read on.]

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