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Q66. What is NYSE Arca?
NYSE Arca is a securities exchange which offers both stocks and options for trading. Most of the ETFs listed in the US markets are listed on NYSE Arca. NYSE Arca continues to hold the leading position in Exchange Traded Products listing and exchange trading.

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Sales proceeds will be credited to your bank account on the due date. Contra gains will be paid 6 day after contra date. Dividend crediting takes up to 5 working days.

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Q76. How do I link OneKey to my KE Trade account?
Log into your KE Trade account and click on the &ldquo Link&rdquo button on the 7FA menu screen. Have your OneKey device and the NAF Username which you created when you activated your OneKey on hand. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the link.

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For trades settled in SGD, USD, HKD and AUD, contra will be allowed up to due date ("D"). Any contra losses due for settlement in foreign currencies will be converted to SGD after 7 market days to minimise any foreign currency exposure.

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Enjoy the convenience of trading and paying for SGD, HKD and USD denominated stocks through a single platform: KE Trade Online. Eliminate the need for foreign currency conversion when you link KE Trade to a Maybank account that holds the same currency that your stock is denominated in. In addition, get speedier payouts with no hidden costs or service charges to maximise your potential yield and make the most of trading opportunities.

Q8. To whom do I make payments and cheque payable to?
Please make your payments and/or cheques payable to: Maybank Kim Eng Securities Pte Ltd.

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Q6. Am I allowed to do short-selling?
Please note that we DO NOT permit short selling without the ability to make delivery for all markets. You will be responsible for all losses, damages, costs, charges and/or expenses arising as a result.

Updating of Personal Particulars
Visit CDP or any Maybank Kim Eng Investor Centre or Customer Service Centre with your relevant supporting document(s).
Complete CDP's Update of Particulars Form and attach your relevant supporting document(s). Get the form(s) and document(s) verified by any of the following CDP Authorised Representatives before mailing them to Maybank Kim Eng or CDP:

Q9. When will I receive my payment when I sell my foreign shares?
Settlement for both buy and sell trades of counters done through KE Trade is the same as normal trades done through Trading Representatives.

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