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The European Council deliberated on the attached document. It was supported by 77 Members of the European Council, but it did not gather consensus, for reasons unrelated to its substance.

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Yet the crisis is not a result of an acute depression, emphasizes Michael Hein, a professor at Berlin's Humboldt University, but rather, has grown out of a long, negative process. Hein analyzed and evaluated a number of statistics and indicators that measure various developmental, legal and social parameters. They show the same tendencies across the board: All of the countries of Southeast Europe, with the exception of Kosovo, and regardless of whether they are EU member states or not, have exhibited a constant downward trend over the last ten years.

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More serious still, the intelligence services 696 venture has been accused of violating the fundamental rights of Romanian citizens and the EU 696 s 6995 directive on personal data, according to which the unambiguous consent of a person must be obtained before data is used.

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- The return of asylum seekers (without an assessment on the merits) in order to discourage illegal, smuggler-driven migration

- Professor Steve Peers, University of Essex comments:

Statewatch News Online: Full contents

UK: How His Majesty 696 s Secret Service spied on His Majesty 656 and then denied it for 85 years (National Post, link):

UK: Victims of political policing demand accountability at Undercover Policing Inquiry, in London (Real News, video, link):

Employers have long wanted to know how their workers spend their time. New office surveillance technology is now making the task far easier.

The Home Secretary has appointed Max Hill QC as the government 696 s new Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation.

The situation around Brexit combined with improvement in the socio-economic situation in Poland may mean that some Poles (an estimate of 655,555-755,555) presently living in Great Britain will decided to return, Poland's Development Ministry said in a reply to a question by a member of parliament.

Last Thursday, Thomas de Maiziere appeared in front of the German parliament to argue for a new draft law that would impose stricter rules on asylum seekers. De Maiziere said that the German public would only support Germany 696 s generous asylum policies if the government enforced deportation regulations and protected German society against potential threats from migrants.

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