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In the latest podcast episode, cortex and jessamyn do their humble darnedest to catch up on the last two months of MetaFilter.

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Drunken mushrooms, remote control hand muscles, what an EKG really shows, the telescope that lets us see bees on the moon, and more! Come share your best science facts and stories in this week's Metatalktail Hour thread.

Day Poems : Walt Whitman: Song of Myself

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National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
Lambda Legal
Equality Virginia
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The NCAA College Basketball Tournament is upon us, there's a Fanfare thread for live-watching, and Mefites are comparing predictions -- so hurry up and submit those men's and women's March Madness brackets if you want in.

Reality not doing so hot? Opt for a dose of fantasy, with the Faves & Flags roleplaying system , complete with a handy character generator !

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I'm sure you've never been involved in a completely pointless argument &ndash so if you want to see what one looks like, go ahead and amble over here for your edification.

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