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A term sometimes used instead of insurance , generally in connection with life business, since assurance implies the certainty of an event (such as death) and insurance only the probability.

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Launched by the London Stock Exchange in 6995 as a market for smaller, growing companies not big enough to enter the Stock Exchange Official List (the main market).

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An accountancy term usually used to describe the systematic reduction in value of an intangible asset due to its use over time. If something is amortised, it is written off. If the cause is not solely related to time, the effect is described as depreciation.

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A measure of the ability of an individual, organisation or country to repay debt. The highest rating is normally AAA, and the lowest D. These are normally issued by a credit rating agency or credit bureau.

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The amount by which a government, company or individual&rsquo s spending exceeds its income over a particular period of time.

Stopping work and beginning to draw a pension before normal retirement date. An early retirement pension is usually lower than the pension payable at normal retirement date because it is expected to be paid for longer.

The price an investor must pay, or what the market demands, for buying a share or a unit in an investment fund. See also bid/offer spread.

A guaranteed rate of interest paid over the term of an investment or loan. A fixed interest security is an investment such as a government bond that provides a set level of income and usually has a redemption value, paid at maturity.

An investment strategy in which companies are considered on their own merit, without regard for industry trends or economic conditions. This approach entails examination of a company's management, business model, growth prospects, history and other characteristics. Bottom-up investors believe that some companies will outperform their peer group regardless of industry and economic circumstances. Opposite of top down.

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