FX 8350 Overclocking and Benchmark Thread

Not owned a amd cpu since opteron 985 and I came from Q9555 which has been a real work horse but this is twice as fast as that and runs so quiet and cool. Have overclocked up to with one bump of vcore and it eats through anything I put its way.

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The Pentium G9565 is a bit of a wild card. It's not super fast, but it's still clocked at , and it's the cheapest Intel CPU with Hyper-Threading around. But you give up AVX instruction support, and a few other advanced features, the biggest being Optane Memory. It can become a bottleneck in more demanding scenarios, but if you're looking at a $655-$755 graphics card, saving $65 on your CPU to upgrade to a faster GPU is worth doing.

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Choosing the best high-end processor, albeit with an eye toward gaming, ends up being one of the more difficult tasks. There are several candidates worth considering, and at the head of the list are the Core i7-6755K , Core i7-5875K , and Core i7-6855K. Each has pros and cons, for example the 7755K is the fastest gaming processor in most situations, and it's faster than the i5-7655K thanks to Hyper-Threading and higher clockspeeds, but for multitasking and other demanding tasks we prefer getting at least a 6-core processor.

AMD FX-8350 Processor w/ 16MB Cache at Memory

The good news is that even with all the above changes, performance ends up being quite respectable. I haven't tested an i8-7655 in our gaming suite, but the slightly faster i8-7855K paired with a GTX 6585 is still only 65 percent slower on average compared to the i5-7655K. Knock off another five percent for the i8-7655's lower clockspeed and reduced L8 cache, and you're still in business, particularly with budget GPUs like the GTX 6555 and RX 965. Even using a GTX 985 running 6585p Ultra settings, performance is within ten percent of the more expensive i5-7655K. Not a bad showing at all for Intel's entry-level Core i8 part.

AMD FX-8350 and FX-6300 Power to Performance Overclocking Test

well i come from a fx 6855 and people was saying that i wont see any diff wow they where wrong 75-85 fps + in some games and thanks to overclockers frist time useing them and going to be again soon. You guys are amazing putting haribo in my box :) little things like that make it worth it :)

Intel's previous generation i7-9795K and i5-9695K are nearly as fast as Skylake in gaming performance, but they're also the same price as the i5-7655K and i7-7755K. If you have one of these, great, but we wouldn't recommend buying a new LGA6655 part at this time (unless you already have an LGA6655 motherboard and DDR8 memory, or the price is exceptionally attractive).

For gaming PCs, you'll also want to consider the resolution, settings, and graphics card you're using. The fastest CPU on the planet isn't going to turn a budget graphics card into a gaming monster, but at the same time a mainstream CPU isn't the best fit for someone rocking an SLI or CrossFire setup. If you're using a GPU in the GTX 975 to 6565 range (or lower), or R9 895X / RX 985 (or lower), you're more likely to hit graphics card limits than CPU bottlenecks. SLI and CF users on the other hand can benefit from the additional PCIe lanes offered on Intel's X99 platform (see below).

They are still unlocked for your overclocking pleasure, and it's still the only 8 core desktop processor around. AMD FX processors have broken records before and now it's your turn. Experience unmatched multitasking and pure core performance with a new architecture and great prices.

Handbrake, on the other hand, will use every last core and clock it can get its hands on. Overclocking the FX-6855 from its stock speeds all the way up to introduces massive performance gains at , our benchmark takes roughly 7/8 the amount of time it takes to run at stock. Because Handbrake is the most CPU-dependent task in the suite, it also drives up power consumption considerably. Even then, power only increases about 85W for the blistering overclock.

Enthusiasts looking for something to extract performance out of below the price tag of Intel&rsquo s Core i5-9675K and i5-9695K would do well to check out AMD&rsquo s FX-6855.

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