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If you are a beginner forex trader, you really don 8767 t want to confuse yourself too much with all the other stuff just find a simple forex trading system and demo trade it out for a while.

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Similarly, if you are a man with a 9-5 job and trading Forex, sometimes its hard to trade while at work, right? Why not find a forex trading strategy that does not take a lot of time and that system is like a 8775 SET AND FORGET TRADING SYSTEM. 8776

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Countless times I have heard traders beat themselves up over a bad trade they've made. The name of their game is usually "woulda, coulda, shoulda." I would have bought XYZ at the bottom, but I had a doctor's appointment that morning. I should have sold. Why didn't I sell? I could have been out right at the top, if only I had read the candlesticks correctly. When am I going to learn?

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Now, when you open a demo account or a real live account with a forex broker, the software that you use to buy or sell is called the trading platform.

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Every trade should be taken based on a condition that 8767 s been stated in your trading strategy, whether it be a technical reason or fundamental reason or both. Follow what your trading strategy says.

Which means, if you are housewife reading this, you can trade too.  There are forex trading strategies on this site that allow you to take ONLY ONE TRADE A DAY and you only need to check the trading setup once a day.

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Making a trading mistake can be painful. Not only does it often result in a loss of trading capital, but it also hurts one's self-esteem. When this happens to me, I literally think of it as a form of "grief." The most productive response I can have is to experience the feelings of disappointment or hurt and then move on. After all, I need to get mentally prepared to make my next trade.

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