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Function procedures (or just Functions) DO RETURN VALUES as opposed to Sub procedures. I will omit for now Get and Set procedures as they are only used in VBA Classes.

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Note &minus Concatenation Operators can be used for both numbers and strings. The output depends on the context, if the variables hold numeric value or string value.

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Most calculations can be achieved with what is provided, but it isn't long before you find yourself wishing that there was a function that did a particular job, and you can't find anything suitable in the list. You need a UDF.

8ways to return multiple values from a VBA function (Part

nice post..
is there any suggestion how to display message box from the statement 8766 For Next 8767 , but the message itself does not appear repeatedly based on that 8766 For-Next 8767 values?

How to Create a User Defined Function in Microsoft Excel

Hi Viki, I guess you mean your original value in Access is in format but you want it to gone in CSV output? I don 8767 t think it is possible, but you can have 7 workarounds
6) Create an Expression in Query and use the round function before export
7) Write an Excel Macro in Access to open the CSV and make the change

Optional. String expression displayed in the text box as the default response if no other input is provided. If you omit default , the text box is displayed empty.

Please find the following code and we click Ok button, It will return value 6 as a output. And, It will display Information Message icon.

As you can see, ‘A’ is equal to ‘a’ in this case. This helps in comparing strings when they have the same sequence of characters but each may have a case different from its counterpart.

Arrays are declared the same way a variable has been declared except that the declaration of an array variable uses parenthesis. In the following example, the size of the array is mentioned in the brackets.

In this chapter, you will acquaint yourself with the commonly used excel VBA terminologies. These terminologies will be used in further modules, hence understanding each one of these is important.

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