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My favorite markets to trade are the EURUSD and AUDUSD, but each day I will typically scan through all the major Forex pairs looking for price action trading opportunities. I also trade gold and silver and occasionally look at crude oil, the Dow Jones cash market, as well as some of my local Australian stock indexes.

Price Action Trading And My Top Forex Price Action Strategy

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YTC Price Action Trader

Here’s one of my recent videos explaining how I use one of my favorite price action signals the pin bar trading strategy , to trade in-line with the trend:

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I have an arsenal of powerful price action patterns that I look for within the structure of the market. For example, if a market is in an uptrend, I will be looking for price to retrace to a support level within the uptrend, this is what I consider a “value” area, and I will then watch patiently for one of my price action signals to confirm a trade entry. Whilst the majority of my trades are following the trend of the market, I will occasionally take a counter-trend trade setup or a range-bound market trade.

Price Action Trading - Learn How To Day Trade Using Pure

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A big question for many traders this week is will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates? A federal interest rate decision is an upcoming event this week that can affect the market, so in this post I will give my thoughts on the topic. Firstly I am quite neutral on whether they will or not, meaning [ ]

Now that you’ve made it through my Free Beginner’s Forex Trading Course , I want to give you guys a little insight into my core trading philosophy, why I trade the way I do, what I teach, and how I can help you become a better trader. I hope that you enjoyed taking this free course as much as I enjoyed making it, and you should now have a solid foundation on the basics of what the Forex market is and how it’s traded.

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I really want to stress the fact that taking a slow and calculated approach to your trading is far better than trying to be a day-trader or entering 75 trades a week. If there’s one thing you guys take away from this free course it should be this: you aren’t going to make money fast by trading time frames under the 6 hour and by rushing your trades. You will make money faster by being a patient trader and taking a daily-chart outlook. Forex trading success is measured in months and years, not in days or weeks. So, if you remember nothing else from my website, remember that slow and steady wins the race.

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