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Andrew Ng &ndash Chairman, ASIFMA
Mark Austen &ndash CEO, ASIFMA
Greg Medcraft &ndash Chairman, Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and my fellow keynote speaker
Fellow regulators and central bankers
Distinguished guests
Ladies and gentlemen

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To free up even more time for the daily management of the Company, international sales & business development activities, Jan Callewaert has asked the Board of Directors to be relieved of his function of Executive Chairman of the Board to become full-time CEO.  The Board has accepted and has appointed Mr. Francis Vanderhoydonck – current member of the Board – as interim Chairman of the Board. Jan Callewaert remains a member of the Board of Directors, which is now composed of 5 members: Jan Callewaert, Francis Vanderhoydonck, Peter Cauwels, Jan Vorstermans and Raju Dandu.

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In the first half of the year Option still faced postponed sales. However, this trend is changing as after a change in management the focus shifted towards a direct sales model and the Company has now sufficient signed sales orders to be confident to realize increased sales in the second half of the year.

-          Changes in the Board of Directors and the management of the company including the appointment of Mr. Eric Van Zele as chairman of the Board and the start of the search for a new CEO.

The date that a trade, or sale and purchase, is consummated, with settlement to be made later (see 8775 settlement date 8776 ).

Securities issued or to be issued with equal and ratable claim on the same underlying security and source of payment for debt service.

Because of changes in the 6986 Tax Reform Act, most CMOs are now issued in REMIC form to create certain tax advantages for the issuer. The terms REMIC and CMO are now used interchangeably.

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