Amibroker to metatrader updates

hello ,
i have just downloaded the DF but it not working..i gone step by step as soon as i click ADD Stock it stop working do i have to register this?
is it paid now? 7/7/68

-Real time data software for Metastock and

than k u for providing good appication for amibroker
let i will check online by monday , then get back to
thank again

Amibroker - Marketcalls

I have a personal wish
can u share/upload a Bit advanced AFL best for MCX trades and index espicially crude -gold-nifty
it would great helpfull for all traders

Free NSE Real time data feed in Amibroker, With free back fill

Use File- New- Default Chart as shown in this video tutorial: http:///video/

Authorised real time data provider of NSE Currency (NSE

However I will reload DataFeeder and do as suggested by you later in the evening OR I will try to load DataFeeder in the laptop of a friend of mine, who is coming in the evening.

Hi I am new user of Zerodha and I was recently opened a/c with zerodha. I want to use the PI software but the specification was given that it works on only windows platform not on Linux, I used Open Source ( Ubuntu ) for long time for using this I installed windows through virtual machine but Is any other way I can run PI software directly on Linux ? And one more thing when I logged in PI software it takes too much time to loading all contracts and trades ?

VNS, unfortunately complete auto trading is not allowed for retail in India. So you will have to still click on buy/sell to execute after you get the alert.

Hi Sudhin,
I am using my Samsung galaxy tab 7 for managing my trades on move, but only for Forex accounts that we manage. I am not sure about brokers in India providing such applications.

Is it possible to arrange some sample code for Ninjatrader user. If some sample is there then rest can be taken care off with some effort. But without any sample it gonna be really tough.

Hi Zerodha and team you are the blessing in my trading life I am a big fan of Pi its wonderful, I am eagerly waiting for Pi mobile version

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