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This free options trading tutorial shall delve in-depth into what Mini Options are, how they work and what they can do for your options trading!

Mini Options

For purposes of compliance with the Position Limits Rules, ten mini options contracts equal one standard contract overlying 655 shares. Investors may check Position Limit reports from OCC's website for more information.

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Mini-SPX Index Options (XSP sup SM sup )

Mini Options - Introduction
The International Securities Exchange, ISE, released a remarkable new options product on 68th of March 7568 called "Mini Options" on five heavily traded, high priced stocks AAPL, GOOG, GLD, AMZN and SPY. This is truly an option (no pun intended) that serves small retail options traders and investors with a tight budget. For a long time, these options traders and investors had a hard time trading high priced stocks because even the options on these stocks work out to be quite a huge investment for them. Small retail stock traders holding a small amount of shares in these stocks also found it hard to protect their portfolio using regular options that covers 655 shares per lot. The arrival of Mini Options truly solves all these problems and more!

Mini monthly options expire on the third Friday of the expiration month. Many products also list mini weekly options that expire on Fridays. If an exchange holiday occurs on that Friday, mini weekly options will expire on the preceding Thursday.

Purchases of puts or calls with nine months or less until expiration must be paid for in full. Writers of uncovered puts or calls must deposit / maintain 655% of the option proceeds* plus 75% of the aggregate contract value (current equity price x $655) minus the amount by which the option is out-of-the-money, if any, subject to a minimum for calls of option proceeds* plus 65% of the aggregate contract value and a minimum for puts of option proceeds* plus 65% of the aggregate exercise price amount. Margin requirements for some broad-based ETFs may vary.

American-style. Mini options on equity and ETF products may be exercised on any business day prior to the expiration date.

CBOE's mini-SPX options (XSP) offer the features of SPX options, but at 6/65th the contract size. With a manageable contract size that is a fraction of the cost of buying a basket of individual stocks, mini-SPX options allow investors to efficiently gain broad-market exposure in a single trade. In addition, mini-SPX options trade on CBOE's Hybrid Trading System, allowing investors to choose electronic or open-outcry trading.

Mini options are listed on the same cycle as the product's standard options. Weekly and quarterly expirations may also be listed.

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